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Actionable insights and mobile media buying at scale

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Programming strategies

Enjoy full campaign automation that saves your time and maximizes your output. We built the
Adset interface to help you easily control hundreds of active campaigns and quickly obtain
analytical data you need.

  • Trigger rules

  • Rules based on 3rd-party tracking solutions

    Appsflyer, Adjust and many more

  • ROAS-based optimization

Analysis and reports

Very detailed reports for in-depth analysis. Generate custom reports and export data to

  • Tracking solutions and traffic sources reports in one window

  • Ad breakdown report

  • Age, gender and geo reports

  • ROAS report

Creative management

Adset puts you in control of media buyers, letting you make informed, intelligent, efficient
choices and adjust your creative management. This is how you optimise your workflow and get
transparency that you need.

  • Creative management

  • Media buyers management

  • Automated integrations

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